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7 Good reasons to choose DMC

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1. ITALIAN QUALITY 100% – Our products are 100% made in Italy: we internally produce all the mechanical parts, the electrical and electronic components are CE certified and the machine management programs are developed on proprietary software.

2. MACHINES THAT LAST OVER TIME – Our labellers are robust and reliable: the structure is made of stainless steel and the electronic components are of the latest generation.

3. MULTI-FORMAT MACHINES – Our labeling machines are suitable for the packaging of multiple container formats: depending on the model, the functionality of the machine can be further expanded by installing specific optional groups.

4. CUSTOMIZED LABELERS – Our labeling machines are customizable: thanks to the modular design, each equipment can be modified ad hoc to meet the specific needs of the customer, through the creation of special groups tailored to the individual order.

5. PRE-ORDER LABELING TEST – Our labeling machines can be put to the test: on request it is possible to carry out a packaging test using the samples of bottles and labels provided by the customer, who can view the labeling result on his products via video or directly in person.

6. ON SITE AND REMOTE AFTER SALE SERVICE – Our After-Sales and Technical Assistance department is able to assist the customer even remotely using the current video conferencing and remote desktop tools.

7. 360 ° LABELING CONSULTANCY – Our technical-commercial department is available to the customer to support him in the choice of materials (container and labels) and complementary equipment to the packaging process, thanks also to the experience acquired in over 40 years of activity in the packaging sector by of the owner and TDO manager.


Discover all the labelers in the manual, semi-automatic and automatic models categories, but also take a look at our CANLINE, a new line of equipment specific for cans’ world.