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Etichettatrice EDIT

Etichettatrice EDIT



Etichettatrice semiautomatica EDITSEMI-AUTOMATIC SELF-ADHESIVE LABELER WITH BASEMENT equipped with reciprocating conveyor belt and final motorized collecting platform. Labeling is done using a container rotating plate and pneumatic blocking of the container neck: this system allows to work with multiple formats such as cylindrical, conical, square, shaped and special containers; the size change is quick, easy and above all very cheap, because just one single component needs to be replaced. The machine is provided with three-phase motors to ensure a higher quality and more constant labeling. This model is equipped with an electronic control panel and can store in memory up to 25 different programs for as many different containers.

  • Possibility of installing up to 3 labeling stations to apply front label, back label and neck label or collar band.
  • Possibility of installing the smoothing unit for sparkling wine caps or the thermic head for the heat-shrinking foils.
  • Possibility of electronic orienting of the container on the rotating plate by means of an optical sensor that detects the spot on the cap or a mark on the glass.
  • Possibility to electronically detect the bottom notch.
  • Possibility of applying wraparound labels.
  • The machine can install the printer for marking the expiration date or the batch number.

Technical data


  • Dimensions min/max: for cylindrical from 55 mm up to 115 mm
  • Maximum hourly production: 550 bph
  • Labeling tolerance: ± 2,5 mm
  • No. stations: up to 3
  • Foil dispenser: no
  • Smoothing unit: optional
  • Motorization: three-phase motors
  • Pneumatic supply: 4-6 bar, consumption 50 l/min
  • Power supply: 380 V 50/60Hz + Null


Available documents for this machine:

  • EDIT catalogue in english: download