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Linear labeler MHIRA

Linear labeler MHIRA



Automatic linear labeler suitable for cylindrical and slightly tapered containers

Etichettatrice lineare MHIRA

Etichettatrice lineare MHIRA

The MHIRA model is a linear automatic labeling machine equipped with one single labeling station, suitable for cylindrical and slightly conical formats such as wine bottles, beer bottles, jars or flacons.


The machine can be equipped with max. 3 labeling stations to apply front label, back label and collar band; the machine can also install the foil dispenser for wine caps and the smoothing unit, both thermic head and rolling unit. The labeling is performed by the three in-line rolls’s system.

The machine is equipped with an electronic control panel and can store in memory up to 19 different programs for as many different containers. Possibility of detection of the notch on the bottom of the container. Possibility to install the printer for marking the expiration date or the batch number.

>> 4.0 version of the machine is available upon request <<


  • Dimensions min/max: for cylindrical formats from 55 mm up to 115 mm
  • Max. hourly output: 1500 bph
  • Labeling tolerance: max ± 1,5 mm
  • No. Labeling stations: up to 3
  • Foil dispenser: optional
  • Smoothing unit: optional, thermic head and/or rolling machine
  • Motorization: DC motors encoder controlled
  • Pneumatic supply: 4-6 bar, consumption 50 l/min
  • Power supply: 380 V 50 Hz + null


This labeling machine can be used for the packaging of multiple varieties of food&beverate products such as wine, beer, oil, vinegar, canned food, sauces, milk, fruit juices, spirits.


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